Top 7 Best Restaurants In Venice Italy You Can’t Miss Out!

There are many Best Restaurants In Venice Italy you should try when traveling there. Venice is an unforgettable Italian city that should not be missed. The food, the atmosphere, the canals. Everything is incredible. You’re in for a treat if you’ve already planned your trip. Venice’s culinary scene is thriving, and there is much to discover. Here are our Best Restaurants In Venice Italy. It will be legendary.

Riva Rosa Ristorante

Riva Rosa Ristorante
Riva Rosa Ristorante

Sometimes you just want to splurge on a meal. But don’t be put off by the Michelin star because this is a very unpretentious Michelin star restaurant. That is, the quality is excellent, but it is not oppressive or stuffy. It’s also not too taxing on your wallet.

The pasta is homemade, the fish is caught fresh from the sea every day, and the wine list is extensive and inviting. If you want to have a truly unique experience, you can reserve its exclusive eating experience on the property’s roof, which only has one table. You will have your own private waiter and a special tasting menu! So that is why it is one of the Best Restaurants In Venice Italy.

Oro restaurant

The Oro restaurant (which translates to “Gold” in Italian) is housed within the prestigious Cipriani hotel. The hotel and restaurant are both extravagant. When you’re on vacation, you have to splurge on occasion. With a tasting menu costing around 300€ per person, this is undoubtedly a place to splurge. This is without a doubt one of Venice’s best restaurants, so spend some money if you can.

The menu is primarily composed of seafood, but there are numerous options for those who prefer meat. The views are stunning, and the overall vibe is sophisticated. Even if a high-priced meal is not on your agenda, you should certainly stop by and take a look around, perhaps with a drink. It is worthwhile.

Trattoria Da Primo

As I previously stated, a trattoria is ordinarily a family-owned restaurant, and no place exemplifies this more than Da Primo. Paolo, the restaurant’s owner, works alongside his wife and their three daughters. One of Venice’s best restaurants and a fantastic place to get a home-cooked meal.

On the menu, you can sample traditional Venetian appetizers such as sardines with onions or even the famous Burano fish dish Risotto di Gó. If you don’t want to eat seafood, there are plenty of vegetarian dishes as well as plenty of meat options. You’ll find everything and feel right at home here!

Osteria Enoteca San Marco

Osteria Enoteca San Marco
Osteria Enoteca San Marco

While you can drink wine in almost any institution in Venice, an enoteca will give you a more authentic experience. Many enotecas began as simply wine bars, but as time passed, they began to serve food because, well, when you drink champagne, you want to eat. Doesn’t that make sense?

What they’ve done here is structure the place so that it has the best of both worlds. So you can come in for a glass of wine and a snack at the bar, or you can sit down and savor one of their classic dishes such as Spaghetti with tiger prawns as well as roasted lamb. Whatever you choose, you’ll fully comprehend why this is one of the Best Restaurants In Venice Italy.

Antico Martini

While it may not appear to be anything special from the outside, this historic restaurant has already been welcoming guests from all around the world since 1720. On the idyllic Teatro Fenice square, back to the house to the city’s most important opera house, La Fenice, dine on high-quality local cuisine.

This restaurant’s specialties include black truffle pasta and celery as well as coriander fish soup. All of this is within 5 minutes of Saint Mark’s Square. The romantic ambiance on the piazza while remaining sheltered from the sun is what distinguishes this location.



While walking around Venice, you may come across Majer in a few locations, but they will only serve breakfast. The Majer in Giudecca has decided to try something new and bring a stylish modern experiment by offering dinner and lunch at this spot.

Seafood will be a specialty in almost all of the restaurants you visit in Venice. Surprisingly, when you come here for dinner, almost all of the main courses are meat! If you like meat, they have everything from a Waygu prime rib to a Florentine steak. Of course, the catch of the day will be available- this is Venice, after all.

Osteria Al Duomo

Space is at a premium in Venice, but this small restaurant has a lovely garden terrace on which you can eat lunch or dinner. It’s away from the bustling street, so it’s a nice break. If you prefer to be indoors, there is also indoor seating.

This Murano restaurant also serves fantastic seafood dishes as well as excellent pizza and pasta. Everybody in your group will have a good time here. Try the spaghetti ala vongole or simply ask the waiter for the daily special. That is the best way to eat in Italy!

Venice has some of the world’s most amazing regional cuisines. Their recipes have been steeped in strongly held traditions passed down through many generations. Beauty and the beast are seated next to each other in our list of the Best Restaurants In Venice Italy. I hope that you like this article.

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