Best Yoga Asanas To Strengthen Your Bones

Osteoporosis is a common disorder affecting people today. The ailment is a result of low calcium content in the body. While consuming calcium-rich foods helps, physical activities, specifically Yoga, are a great way to combat the problem. In this post, we will refer to some of the best yoga asanas to strengthen your bones.

Yoga Asanas To Strengthen Your Bones

1. Vrksasana or Tree Pose

As a standing, one-legged, balancing posture, Tree Pose is a fantastic choice for cultivating stability in your ankles, knees, and hips. This pose teaches you to find a strong connection to the ground and to realign your core and spine in relation to the earth.

yoga asanas to strengthen your bones: Vrksasana or Tree Pose


  • Stand straight on the mat in a relaxed pose. Your feet should be close to each other.
  • Bend your right knee and place the sole of your right feet on your left thigh.
  • Slowly exhale and inhale while trying to balance your body in this position.
  • Raise your hands and bring them over your head. Join both the palms together in Namaste mudra.
  • Hold this pose 5-10 second and while doing so breathe in and breathe out.
  • Then gently lower your hands and put your leg back to the ground. Repeat the same with the other leg.

2. Trikonasana or triangle pose

Another asymmetrical standing posture, triangle pose keeps both of your feet on the ground, but asks you to shift the weight of your shoulders forward of your hips. In doing so, you learn how to balance “off center.”

yoga asanas to strengthen your bones: Trikonasana or triangle pose


  • Stand straight with your feet apart at a distance of three and half to four feet. Turn your right foot out by 90 degrees and left foot in by 15 degrees.
  • Align the centre of your right heel with the center of your left foot’s arch. Make sure the weight of your body is equally balanced on both the feet and they are pressing the ground.
  • Inhale and exhale deeply as you bend your body to the right downward from the hips. Keep the waist straight allowing the left hand to go up in the air while moving the right to come down to the floor. Both the arms must be in a straight line.
  • Rest your right hand on the floor outside your right foot, or the shin or the ankle, whatever is convenient without affecting the sides of the waist. Stretch your left arm toward the ceiling, parallel to the shoulder tops. Ensure your body is bent sideways and not backward or forward.
  • As you inhale and exhale, come up, bring your arms down to your sides, and straighten your feet. Repeat the same on the other side.

3. Setubandhasana or bridge pose

The bridge pose works primarily on strengthening the back and improving blood circulation. This asana is largely significant for women because it rectifies the estrogen level in their reproductive system. This therapeutic exercise also stretches the neck and chest.

yoga asanas to strengthen your bones: Setubandhasana or bridge pose


  • Lie on your back. Keep your feet hip distance apart on the floor and fold your knees. Knees and ankles must be in a straight line.
  • Palms facing down, keep your arms beside your body. Slowly lift your lower back, middle back and upper back off the floor while inhaling; gently roll in the shoulders; touch the chest and the chin but don’t bring the chin down, support your weight with your shoulders, arms and feet. Both the thighs must be parallel to each other and to the floor.
  • Breathe easily and hold the posture for a minute or two and exhale as you gently release the pose.

4. Urdhva Mukha Svanasana or upward facing dog pose

Urdhva Mukha Svanasana or upward facing dog pose


This is one of the yoga asanas to strengthen your bones you should do.

  • Stand on all fours, with your knees directly below your hips and your hands slightly in front of your shoulders.
  • Spread your palms and turn your toes under. Exhale and push your knees away from the floor.
  • Now, lift your sitting bones toward the ceiling, and draw your inner legs up into your groin area from your ankles.
  • Downward-facing dog pose stretches the shoulders, hamstrings, arches, hands and calves. It strengthens and stretches the arms and legs.

5. Virabhadrasana 2 or Warrior 2

Virabhadrasana 2 or Warrior 2


  • Stand on the ground with your feet hip-width apart and your arms by your sides.
  • Exhale and take a big step to your left (2 to 3 feet away from your right foot).
  • Now turn your left toes outwards and bend your knees at a 90-degree angle.
  • Turn your right feet inwards by about 15 degrees. The heel of your right foot should be aligned to the centre of the left foot.
  • Lift both your arms sideways. Bring it at the level of your shoulders. Your palms should face upwards. Take a few deep breaths in this position.
  • Turn your head to your left and gently push your pelvis down as much as you can. Pause for a few seconds and then come back to the starting position. Repeat the same on the other side.


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